Day in the Life of a Cadet

Cadets to Officers

Being a cadet at the University of Virginia means constantly working and training hard to be your best, with the best! The Cavalier Battalion holds physical training once a week on Tuesday mornings, and a hands-on lab on Tuesday afternoon. You’ll learn basic infantry tactics and other essential soldier skills, such as land navigation. Once a week you’ll also attend a Military Science class, where you’ll learn about Army doctrine and officership. All of our cadets are widely involved in the greater UVA community- from clubs to volunteering to Greek life, we encourage all cadets be active in UVA student life. 

Emily Kasky, Fourth Year

Emily Kasky

Cadet Emily Kasky is a Russian and Medical Anthropology major. She grew up moving around in a military family and is the oldest of six. In her freetime at UVA, she volunteers with international students and staff and plays IM soccer. Within ROTC, she is our current Cadet Association president and involved with the Ranger Challenge and Army Ten-Miler teams. 


“ROTC has taught me to embrace challenges and new opportunities, but more importantly, how to lead and constantly adapt leadership to serve and motivate others.”

Anna Lee, Third Year


Anna Lee

Cadet Anna Lee is a Commerce major, UVA Women’s Volleyball manager, Graphic Designer for Wahoops, a member of XA and Grace Christian Fellowship, Barbell Club, and a McIntire Block representative. Within ROTC, Cadet Lee is a Mosby’s Raiders Sergeant and has been a part of the 10-miler team.


“UVA Army ROTC has some of the most hardworking, dedicated, and capable individuals I’ve ever met. I’ve learned that we're all leaders. We just have to prove it.”

Nathaniel Doty, Second Year


Cadet Nathaniel Doty is an Environmental Science major, represents UVA in Club Triathlon, and member of the Alpha Phi Omega gender-inclusive service organization and Culture of Respect Educators. In his free time, Cadet Doty loves to run, read, and hang out with the homies. In the Battalion, he is a Mosby’s Raider Sergeant and Cadet Association Representative for the MSII Class.


Speaking of his time and experience in ROTC, Doty says, “it is like no other leadership development program in college or at UVA. I care deeply about my fellow cadets and love how we pursue hard things and push each other to achieve in all areas of our lives.”

Edward Joo, First Year

Edward Joo

CDT Joo is involved in UVA Marching band, concert band; Club Swim; Burke Society
Intended major: Commerce.


“Being a part of the Cavalier Battalion at UVA has given me a taste of what it 
is like to be surrounded by excellence on a weekly basis. The people of CavBat have taught me 
what it is like to strive for greatness every day, and I have been made all the better for it.”