All students registered for Military Science classes are referred to as Cadets. A Cadet is a trainee that is enrolled in a military officer producing program. The ROTC program has several categories of Cadets enrolled in the program: Participating Cadets, Enrolled Cadets, and Contracted Cadets.

  • Participating Cadets  Registered for the Military Science class through the university and responsible for attending all classroom activities.
  • Enrolled Cadets – Has completed all documents listed in the “ROTC Enrollment Packet.” These students are eligible to attend all extra curricular activities associated with ROTC, such as: physical fitness training, leadership labs, and Field Training Exercises (FTX) which include rifle ranges, land navigation training, obstacle courses, and leader reaction courses.
  • Contracted Cadets – These students have completed all documents listed in the “ROTC Contracting Packet” and have been identified as possessing the character and attributes necessary of an officer candidate. They have signed the Army enlistment contract (DD 4/1, DD 4/2) and ROTC contract (DA 597-3 or DA 597) and are working toward becoming an Army Officer upon graduating with a bachelors or masters degree.